D A…

Display Advertising


In the simplest of terms, display advertising refers to the use of ads — from text to video to even audio!!  on a website of course. Display advertisements serve as a way for businesses to make big money from their website traffic, as advertisers pay to have their promotion displayed alongside the content on the page like those People magazine subscription ads!

The idea was initially appealing to both businesses and advertisers, early implementation strategies lacked credibility and interest. I definitely think those ads are more creepy than useful. Why would I want some company following every click I do and every page I land on. Its like a secret spy. The cookies are the reason for this. I thought cookies were for eating but in reality the crumbs leave the marketers the ability to follow your trace and in return grab you to buy something.

However, more sophisticated means have surfaced since then, I have an example where I usually shop online and purchase at Forever 21. They save your searches and what you stay way too long on. They image then is displayed when I search Facebook or other related websites to bring me back to the item I was fantasizing over. Brilliant technique, i have purchased countless of outfits because of it. The marketing for display ads has gone to be creative. The fox online commercials  have you interact with the content in order to pass the ad quicker. If you answer a few simple questions you can get back to the content you were watching. I usually interact in order to be done with it.

By having quick and relevant ads I feel as though display ads could be actual money makers other than annoying flashing items on the websites. Display ads should have music too just to make it spicy !


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