Ways of getting Free products

How do I start a blog/Instagram and get free stuff?

One time when I was going through my Instagram I noticed many contests in order to share and publicize company products. The they were giving away many freebies and I couldn’t resist. I have some tips on how to get free product and they are:

Before I go any further, remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. I sound like my mom here but honestly, I cannot stress enough how much work goes into finding the right contest or brand to fantasize and praise. You may call this a freebie but when you think about all the time, effort, equipment and research that goes into a contest or product review, you’ll probably start to wonder if it’s even worth it.

If you’re in the blagging game rather than the blogging game, it definitely isn’t worth it. I’ll save you time and just tell you to quit while you’re ahead!

You cannot set up a Instagram page and expect freebies to start rolling in. Why not? Because you don’t have any kind of influence, that’s why!

OK, if you have many followers you may get sent a few tea bags or a pair of socks. Y

Yes, we all love tea and we all love socks but this really isn’t a good reason to set up a business Instagram or blog.

I don’t mean for this to seem mean or upsetting but its the truth.

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to blogging or Instagram posting and I am definitely not a fount of all knowledge.


After you find the right company to enter contests for and advertise for them you must then wear or demonstrate their product at the most appropriate manner.

Ive won backpacks, jewelry, and even clothing from company who wanted ME to be their brand ambassador. I take it as an honor sometimes.



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