Market yourself

This time last year my marketing undergrad career was suspenseful. I used to tweet everything related to marketing, follow all kinds of industry news, and just consume all the information I could find so I could be helpful to the marketing community. And even though I believe I was, it was probably not the best strategy in order to prove myself as proud with passion.

Eventually, I found my purpose and started doing something I LOVE, I was doing many of my sales through in-person interaction and felt as though phonically were never the right way to make any type of relationship with consumers. And then I faced another challenge -How am i going to market myself to the business world? So I struggled for awhile interviewing for marketing firms and event coordinators. I could not find the passion in becoming an unpaid intern.I know the only way I was going to find my true calling was from being open, honest, and authentic. 

I hope one day to have my own marketing team and by team I mean Tribe. A we all know, your tribe wants the same from you. And don’t you want to give it to them?

I decided that with much preparation for the real world I shall take every opportunity as a step to success. I have been in plenty of group projects that have enraged me to be a leader and have the skills to give order but still be approachable.

Another step was to have a great social media presence. I can invest in social media platforms I like and join communities I enjoy. I can also do video instead of blogging because I feel much better as a speaker than writer. Or I can write books because writing moves people. I can do anything that feels natural.


Its my life and I market it the way i want.



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