Online Influencers

Nowadays we see many of our favorite products being displayed on social media platforms such as: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Influencers like: the Kardashians, actors, and leaders

They constantly post videos and pictures of themselves enjoying the product they prefer or ” are paid to” advertise. This is a brilliant way to market because many of these Instagram famous people get their fame from their followers and true believers.

Online marketing is important when it comes to a new and upcoming business. People who just start their company are usually scared about their brand awareness. Getting their brand known and in the market of competition is difficult. There is large amount of competitors and trying to differentiate themselves is key for a higher Return on investment.

Social media celebrities are perfect to introduce new products to new people. They have the biggest advantage on spreading one ad through many people. For example, the super bowl commercials advertise to millions of people in such a short amount of time. If i could advertise my product i would do it by my favorite actress. She has to be a true leader of a great cause and has a great reputation. A product should reflect on the individual advertising for it. Company’s that i have seen use this strategy are teeth whitening kits, and tea supplements. I noticed these are sometimes luxurious personal care items. So the people are demonstrated as caring individuals of self-love. People like to take care of them selves and treat themselves to nice things here and there.


Online marketing has many platforms but i believe social media has its biggest advantage. So many people have their personal preference on who they depend on for reliable information and testimonials.

One good example is the make up youtube stars that practice their looks with specific brands and give the product/company credibility.



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