Food Guru’s

“The little hole in the wall” “that one place near Placentia” “The old little coffee shop”. Many of these phrases are what you hear when people tell you about their awesome dining experiences. I personally like testimonials than any type of recommendation. A website can tell me a place is good but the only way I can confirm that is if I actually go or if a real life person is there in the flesh and can vouch for them.

Which brings me to my point about online marketing with Foooood! I love food and when it comes to trying new things I am definitely skeptical. So I rely on Instagram food guru’s or foodie blogs to inform me of the good and the not so good. A rating or a description of a restaurant can either go green or red quickly. What usually gives me the best indication of a great spot is the phrases: “Must go! NOW!” or the awesome “Food coma was worth it”. Food is what we all consume and with real life testimonials we can agree that it is the only way to make a trip out to L.A. or to the next town over. People want to be informed of good food no matter what.

So with that being said there are so many ways to market restaurants. People can hope that a good post about them on facebook will be coming but why not insinuate it? Make it a big deal that your company/restaurant has a blog/facebook/twitterpage/yelp. Give them the chance to voice their opinion on your food because one good rating can bring Angelina Jolie into your store.

I enjoy going to new pizza places and if I could I would tell the world what is good and what is now! Currently I am short time but stay tuned..


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