A state of Emergency

These past few days have been very hostile and nerve-wracking. My home-town is located in San Bernardino and it is scary to think that a person beside you at work has the ability to end your life or change it completely. I feel as though the internet and the media has changed the way I feel about public places and traveling.


I see every new tweet as a new reason to not go outside or to think twice about who you talk to. It is harder to think of a place called home when everyone is out to harm each other. The media does not help with making every incident as an act of terrorism or hate.


I think we should pay more attention of trying to make the community stronger with words of encouragement and fill the world with strength not fear. We happen to market our people with ideas of whats right and not think of the consequences. I constantly see a new update of acts of terror on twitter, Facebook, the news. It is crazy how nearly last week the most important thing on the news was trying to guess what gender Kim Kardashians baby was going to be.


In all respect, we have to see fear and experience it to actually make change. We should market the strength of the world and show no fear among those who try and harm us.

I do believe this will increase the chances of more wrongful racial profiling not only  online but in person and in public places. I experience constant questioning what my nationality is and I can only imagine what others feel at this moment. I think with the internet we can make a great impact on keeping the community in tact and in harmony.

I do believe online marketing has to do with our reaction to such horrific occurrences.


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