A sense of Urgency

“Limited Time Only” “Once a year Sale” “Ends 12/7” “Until supplies last”

Common marketing like above is what gets me. I am very sold when it comes to products that are priced selectively on certain days. It makes my purchase “important” and “special”. If i could get a gift set for $5 off because it was Monday I would go on a Monday and id be first in line. Even if I saved $5 i would go because the idea of a sale being offered gives me a rush and excitement.

I currently work at PINK for Victoria’s secret and a big thing we recently did was the sale on the purchase of “buy one get one half off”. This was a great deal for many of our customers especially if you mention it is a once a year sale. This helps the customer decide that its a great deal and they should buy it now!

Another great marketing strategy brought to you by VS is the “purchase of $75 or more” for a free tote. The Tote is such a great eye catcher and dollars per transaction increaser. The customers feel honored to spend so much for the free gift and are willing to spend more if they would like. Little incentives like that help drive their urgency to purchase.

Small comments like, “thats our last one” usually gives the customer the idea, “wow its meant to be” so they must buy it and if they don’t they miss out on ever being able to purchase it again.

Giving the customer the ability to feel like she needs to buy it now is awesome. I want every customer to feel that way but also want to come back for the great service. Marketing with a sense of urgency bring lots of energy to shopping.




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