D A…

Display Advertising   In the simplest of terms, display advertising refers to the use of ads — from text to video to even audio!!  on a website of course. Display advertisements serve as a way for businesses to make big money from their website traffic, as advertisers pay to have their promotion displayed alongside the content … More D A…

Market yourself

This time last year my marketing undergrad career was suspenseful. I used to tweet everything related to marketing, follow all kinds of industry news, and just consume all the information I could find so I could be helpful to the marketing community. And even though I believe I was, it was probably not the best strategy … More Market yourself

Online Influencers

Nowadays we see many of our favorite products being displayed on social media platforms such as: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Influencers like: the Kardashians, actors, and leaders They constantly post videos and pictures of themselves enjoying the product they prefer or ” are paid to” advertise. This is a brilliant way to market because many … More Online Influencers

Food Guru’s

“The little hole in the wall” “that one place near Placentia” “The old little coffee shop”. Many of these phrases are what you hear when people tell you about their awesome dining experiences. I personally like testimonials than any type of recommendation. A website can tell me a place is good but the only way … More Food Guru’s

A sense of Urgency

“Limited Time Only” “Once a year Sale” “Ends 12/7” “Until supplies last” Common marketing like above is what gets me. I am very sold when it comes to products that are priced selectively on certain days. It makes my purchase “important” and “special”. If i could get a gift set for $5 off because it … More A sense of Urgency