Ive been a Twitter user since 2012. Twitter has came along way since high school and it has been for the best. Twitter is the fastest way I stay in the loop of news, gossip, new products, and trending topics. Twitter was slowly only a online computer feature that slowly made its way to apps and Ive never felt to in synched with news as do now with Twitter.

They have made it easy to instantly link to a company website or new app by a click of a button. There are so many influencers on Twitter and simply sharing a tweet can help a business go from “UNKNOWN” to “THE NEW”.

Twitter is important to express a brand image. Many companies engage with their customers when it comes to complaints and try to resolve the issue. This is critical because it can either help the company resolving the bad word of mouth. Or it can cause the company to look defenseless on a certain issue brought up.

Let me give you an example of my experience with Barnes and Noble. They had a return policy that was to be met on a Sunday. So i did what I could to return the book on Saturday. A day before would be perfect correct? No! I was immediately charged for a book extension which I had not confirmed. They told me I past the due date and I was quick to respond and send an email about my return. They never replied to my email nor did they give me an explanation. It was only until I tweeted how awful their return policy was that they mentioned me. It is sad to say that the only way a company will pay attention to you is when you bring it up on a social media platform.

I have had experience with customer service for a book before and they resolved my issue quickly. If you ever want quick service, say it on twitter!!




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