Electronic Dance Music

I think of the way I used to hear about music festivals, events, and even the so-called “Raves”. I would get flyers of the local events from people who worked for the company itself. I liked the way it was very unique, and personal. The pleasure of being able to keep a little of that festival with you and see it from the companies embassadors. After attending certain festivals you would have the chance to save all the flyers and posters from the event and save them as your collection. The flyers accumulate and so does the want to attend more.

As years have gone by I seen dramatic change in the marketing of Music Festivals. Not only are people hearing about these events through friends and social medias but also youtube, radio, and event email subscriptions. The ability to check “I am attending” for an event is so easy and its becoming more of a trend to “show off” rather than stay updated. I feel that online marketing for Music Festivals is becoming very social and everyone wants to be in the loop and reduce their “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out). Teens now crave this mandatory attendance and see the constant reviews, videos, and celebrities appearances.   Entertainment is a huge market to feed off of. Personally, I enjoy the simple marketing, the small advertisements that draw me in and I read its background and purpose. The ability to discover new music is the best part of music festivals. Live broadcasting does indeed let the consumer feel as though they are not being left out. Yet, it gets their feet wet and induce them to purchase the $500 weekend pass to their festival.

I feel as though the media and marketing has gone through great lengths to not only notify me about new events and festivals but even my parents get a little dose in their Facebook accounts and emails.


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