Christmas Time

Now I did not realize it was christmas until I received my favorite makeup store’s email. “Shop till you drop” and “Perfect stocking stuffers” stood out in the titles. I then realized it was time to do Christmas shopping. Black Friday deals are populating my inbox anti makes me wonder whether these companies bought my email or I am truly subscribed to this company/website.

My few in email marketing is the emails that go straight to JUNK. Junk is exactly what it is JUNK, not that I know about the private policy the company must post, it is easy to configure which email is fraud and which one just got missed placed. Online shopping has come along way since I was a child. My mom Never! let me use the computer for any purchases. It was not until my 18th birthday when I got my own debit card that i was able to make online purchases. Online marketing has been so crazy that by txt messages i received updates on new deals and new purchases with a date of urgency.


My behavior towards advertisements via mobile is increasing as it become easier and faster to receive products online. The most important part of online purchases is the testimonial other people leave after having bought the same item. It gives me the security and confidence in my purchases.

This Christmas I will avoid the crazy malls, and stick to online purchases, for items I definitely know are WORTH the wait.




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